The Successor Arrives!

Okay, here’s the deal, folks. Without mincing words, this is my first time. Yeah, a blog virgin I am. It’s about time I took some advice seriously. Any advice. Thirteen times yesterday I was told to start a blog, fifteen the day before and if I had to count the number of times in the whole month, I’d take up a career in accounting.

“Get blogging, man,” was the mediocre one and, “With the kind of gift you have, you should be out there, telling people your story!” being the more verbose one. These are just opinions, I’m sure, but some of them went into the not-so-laconic hysterics and literally begged me to reveal myself – to express my views and opinions, to take birth in the vast, over-populated expanse of the internet that is so astronomically called the blogosphere. I heeded.

Whatever happens here, I’m quite certain I’m going to enjoy it. So, what does it mean, to have a blog? Come on, give me a few of your opinions and let’s compare them against my archaic notions. I am The Successor, and I’m here to make a difference.

Who the heck am I, you ask? That’s the point, isn’t it? No one knows. I have half a mind to reveal myself sooner or later, but if I do, I’m afraid certain events will happen that will make The Big Bang seem like a slap against the thigh, all puns intended.

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  1. sakhi on

    Came over from my own blog where you left comment.

    All the best for the blog journey ahead. 🙂

    • The Successor on

      Thanks for commenting. The blog journey will be something of a hedonistic mix. Watch this space.

  2. Nikhil on


    This is what you commented on my blog. Do I know you?? Anyway, welcome to WordPress. I like your attitude! 😀

    • Vimmuuu on

      Nikhil, so you are alive ??? How come you dont come at our blogs? awww….you lill devil, you comment only when such ignorant ones come over to your blog, huh ? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Mahak on

      Machaaaa….yaaay you are alive…good to see …one big bear hug to you

  3. Tarun on

    Let’s Roll Baby!!
    Best o’Luck 😉

  4. Aarti on

    Interesting…. like the way u’ve written the post… and well, looking fwd to more~!! 😀

    Do unveil urself … if only slowly… and thanks for dropping by [even before blogging ur doing what bloggers do best, let others know they exist by commenting on other blogs!! ;)]

  5. Kiran on

    Welcome to the blogging world 🙂 Thanks for your comment on my blog – a little too out there, since you are fairly new in the blogosphere. BTW, your blog theme is too dark.

  6. Anu on

    Hopped over here from my post- interesting comment 😛
    All the best with your blog.. you write pretty well! 😉

  7. Alice on

    good luck, dude… enjoy it till it lasts…

  8. Smita on

    Who the heck are you?? Well why should we be bothered???

    I dislike people who want to grab eyeballs by leaving insane comments to get traffic!!!

    Are you Rakhi Sawant by any chance??

    • Vimmuuu on

      Rakhi sawant ??? LOL …must be her mother, she is even more dramatic !! 😀 😀 😀

      • Smita on

        ha ha ha her mother??? Ewww!!! She is equally horrible to, oh lord of geejus!!!

  9. Vimmuuu on

    Blog hopped here after you left the most stoooopidest comment ever in my blog. The best part is I know who you are, very very obvious ! But then, you continue having fun with this new avatar of mine. and Im going to have fun spamming this stinking place. Btw, how many blogs are you going to maintain ? 😀 😀 😀

    So buddy, whats new ?

  10. Smita on

    Hey Vimmuuu good to see u here 🙂

    Stoooopidest comment is a small word I say!!!

    In fact I say the fonts in this blog are sooo small!!! I can not even read properly Hey Mr You-say-u-have-arrived u wanna learn about blogging right?? Change the font size, background color & ur attitude 😀

    BTW Vimmuuu any development on Part 2??

    • Vimmuuu on

      I know !!! Some eye problem this person has !! 😀 😀

      You think we should have a conversation here??? It will be great, na?

      • Smita on

        lol!!! Why not!!! But if the power of specs increases will he pay for it?

      • Smita on

        he/ she whatever!!

      • Vimmuuu on

        we will do charity, what say ??? 😀

      • Vimmuuu on

        heyyy…how do you know if its a he ??? The only thing thats written up there is gold hearted womaniser, ooops, casanova ! 😀

      • Smita on

        Errr he or she we know the purpose behind the blog! Attention craving the person is!!

      • Smita on

        Right Vimmuuuu!!! We shud encourage him/ about asking Blogadda to start a series called “Sinister Tuesday” and nominate his posts??

      • Vimmuuu on

        ROFL !! Thats a nice idea ! mailing blogadda right away ! Btw, dont you think we have given him enough attention already ??? 😀

      • Smita on

        Ya enough for now!!! U never know he/ she might blame us for grabbing attention by commenting here!!! 😀 😀 😀

        We have already been blamed for promoting our blog 😉

    • Smita on

      Ya!! He obviously wants comments!! So lets give him some!!! 😀

      U didn’t tell whats happening on part 2 ??

      • Vimmuuu on

        Attention grabing???…nahhh, I guess the poor person is trying to market his blog…we should encourage him !!!

  11. Smita on

    BTW how was APKGK??? Salman was awesome in it na??? Just one scene just one!!! and made the movie worth it

    • Vimmuuu on

      I know ! but Katrina looked like a horse in this movie too ! 😀 Its a total nonsense movie and I loved it.

      You ‘I arrive’, did you watch it yet ? 😀 😀 😀

      • Smita on

        lol!! He/ she was busy arriving do u think he/ she will have time to watch movies??

        U shud ask about blog updates from him/ she he/ she is keeping a tab on others 😀

      • Vimmuuu on

        Now I know whom to approach for blog updates !

      • Smita on

        Ya there is no need of reader sheader!! Mr. or Miss. Arrived has arrived!!!

      • Vimmuuu on

        mr. or miss. or it ! 😀

      • Alice on

        Vimmuuu – your comments are ridiculous….!!! i am laughing so hard 😀 😀 😀 😀

  12. The Successor on

    Ain’t this fun? Seriously fun.
    Pretty much by the books, eh – spam a blog post, hoping someone will do something stupid. To be the best, you gotta learn to be a bit more reserved.
    I shall not say more on the subject until February arrives.
    This IS fun.

    • Vimmuuu on

      Just being of help buddy ! 😀 No fear when the encouragers are here ! 😀

    • Smita on

      *yawn* all the best for being the best!!!

      BTW Hope u r settled in blog-o-sphere and left ur foot marks everywhere!!! When u r free try making ur blog blogger friendly 😀

  13. Quakeboy on

    ahhh…. Nikhil is an awesome dude I know… but I didn’t know you people die for his comments 😛

    He has commented “even” on my blog 😀 hehe

  14. Harsh on

    The mystery man ..!!! 😛

  15. Alice on

    so you are actually the talk on my friend Nikhil’s blog?!?!!?? lol…!!!! its called digital PR 😀

  16. db on

    no, like really, what makes you think anybody cares?
    your life. your bag, your baggage, your dushmani with Raj whoever. kisike baap ka kya jaata hai.

    atleast don’t pretend to have an agenda.

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