What the eff is happening? I wake up this morning in my hotel room to find my bag missing. Not that it had anything interesting, but it did have my passport and other such trivial documentation. I find the chairs moved around a bit and the shower dripping water steadily when I distinctly remember turning it off and shutting the door. Mind games won’t work with me. I think I know who’s behind this.

Anyway, its good to see that people are reading this blog some. It gives me a chance to tell the story of this person I’ve been dying to tell. Give me a day to find out where the fuck my bag went and I’ll reveal certain things that certain people would kill me for. Maybe this whole hotel-room-burglary is kind of a message. If it is, then I don’t get it.

Bangalore’s been peaceful – nothing major happening. I read on the news that some exam had to be postponed/cancelled because certain computers weren’t working. Big surprise there. If this is the biggest news right now, I can’t imagine what people will do when I reveal myself!

I got something called a trackback in my email, where this guy’s written about how some people think I’m him. If only life were that simple – I cannot be some mediocre guy writing toilet humor, folks. I’m larger than life itself, and there’s nothing that can be said or done about it. It’s just the way it is. Right now, I’m paranoid and I can’t help it.

3 comments so far

  1. Nikhil on

    It’s called a Pingback, dude! Get with it!

  2. Lively on

    Some kinda trick or something? You’ve got a whole load of attitude, a bit more than necessary actually. But I like the way you write.
    And btw toilet humor is not everybody’s cuppa. It takes some kind to get it!
    Lets see what you have to say.

    • Lively on

      And larger than life gets paranoid about life? Or a trivial thing such a luggage! Makes me wonder…

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